In a world where conformity reigns, some dare to break free. They are artisans of taste who believe that true freedom lies in being able to choose, create, and live life on their own terms. These courageous individuals have found solace in the pursuit of craftsmanship, where every ingredient is freely selected according to its quality rather than its price, and every process begins with a simple desire - the desire to break free from the chains of mass production.

Every adventure acquires flavour over time, and good beer takes time too. We brew exactly the way we like to drink beer, calmly and savouring it.


Jack and Woj, the MORS Crew's inseparable companions, symbolise our brand's essence. As friends, they embarked on an adventure to create a beer that caters to diverse preferences. Jack, with his unwavering commitment to sobriety, and Woj, with his unabashed love for the full spectrum of beer, stand side by side. Their bond represents the freedom to choose, as MORS offers a range of beverages that caters to both alcohol lovers and those seeking alcohol-free delights.

Brewery Blonie

In the heart of central Poland, nestled on the border of Kampinoski National Park, Browar Błonie stands as a testament to the power of passion and community. Born from the shared love for craft beer, this small brewery came to life in 2018 through a remarkable crowdfunding campaign. With the unwavering support of 757 craft beer enthusiasts, a dream was realized, and the most advanced brewery in the country was brought to existence. Today, Browar Błonie serves as the proud home port of MORS, where the vision of crafting exceptional, accessible craft beer was first set sail.


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